K-X-P at Shacklewell Arms

K-X-P at Shacklewell Arms

When the band plays in the dark, you just a. enjoy the gig without worrying what the photos are going to look like b. experiment c. have the time of your life.




To celebrate the fifth year of the Salon de Refuses Portrait Salon curate and host, Miniclick adapted their project, The Heart Grows Fonder, for a event in London (and Tokyo next year). It was/is called I / LAND and you can read more about it on Miniclick’s website.

Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-1 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-2 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-3 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-4 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-5 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-6 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-7 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-8 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-9 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-10 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-11 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-12 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-13 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-14 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-15 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-16 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-17 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-18 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-19 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-20 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-21 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-22 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-23 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-24 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-25 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-26 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-27

Walks of Art – Violet

Walks of Art – Violet

Violet walk – From Bessborough Street to Howick Place, SW1

I bought a little book called Walks of Art from Tate little while ago. Finally today I decided to jump on a train and pick one of the walks. After reading through each route on the train from Brighton, I chose Violet, which starts from Pimlico underground station and ends near Victoria Station. Partly because it was the closest to Victoria, and also because I wanted to got o Tate Britain.

I would describe following the map like being on a treasure hunt. The book doesn’t have pictures of the art works, you only have a map and words as clues of what you are trying to find. I loved it. It was really nice to be reminded of the importance of looking around you instead of just getting from one place to another.

Here are some of the things I saw, including:
Eduardo Paolozzi Cooling Towers, 1979-82
Henry Moore Locking Piece, 1963-4
Chelsea College of Art
Tate Britain
Henry Moore Knife Edge Two Piece, 1962-5
Jacob Epstein Night and Day, 1928-9
Yinka Shonibare Wind Sculpture, 2014

London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-1 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-2 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-3 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-9 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-12 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-13 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-14 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-17 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-18 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-20 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-21 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-22 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-23 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-25 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-27 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-28 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-30 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-33 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-34 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-35 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-36 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-37 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-38 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-39 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-40 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-41 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-43 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-44 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-45 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-46 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-47 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-49 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-50 London_VioletWalk_hkuisma_sml-52

Dudendance’s Borderlands at Southbank Centre

Dudendance’s Borderlands at Southbank Centre

Description from Southbank’s website:

“Ghostly figures are glimpsed in and around the concrete spaces of Queen Elizabeth Hall and Hayward Gallery…

“These strange visitations mark the closure of the iconic brutalist buildings ahead of renovation works. On the roof; along the walkways; in the windows: dreamlike, mysterious figures move amid resonant choral chants.

“Dudendance’s Borderlands was first created for the historic abbey ruins of the Scottish Borders, and features shape-shifting costumes inspired by Renaissance paintings.

“This performance draws on recent and ancient history as it responds to the space. Previous pieces have been described by the Herald as ‘profound and poetic’.

“Dudendance have been making performances for thirty years and developing outdoor and indoor site-specific work with young people and communities since 2002. The company are originally from London but this is their first London appearance since 1992, when they re-located to Scotland.”

dudendance_hkuisma_sml-1 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-2 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-3 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-5 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-6 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-7 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-9 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-11 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-14 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-15 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-16 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-17 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-18 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-20 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-23 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-24

Station to Station: A 30 Day Happening

Station to Station: A 30 Day Happening

Doug Aitken’s project Station to Station: A 30 Day Happening is taking over the Barbican Centre with more than 100 free events over 30 days. It brings together leading international and UK-based artists from the world of contemporary art, music, dance, graphic design and film in a programme which promises that ‘No two days will be the same’. To say that I loved it is an understatement.

You can find a lot more information on the Barbican website. Please try to visit, if you can. It’s definitely worth it. Apart from some special events, it is free. There are things you can dip in and out of, and spend rest of the time hanging out in the roof terrace or other spaces. Take a book, make a day out of it. It was my first visit to the Barbican and I wonder why on earth I hadn’t been there before. Beautiful. Inspirational.

StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-1 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-2 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-3 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-4 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-5 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-6 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-7 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-8 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-9 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-10 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-11 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-12 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-13 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-14 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-15 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-016 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-17 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-18 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-19 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-20 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-21 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-22 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-23 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-25 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-26 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-27 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-28 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-29 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-30 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-31 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-32 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-33 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-34 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-35 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-36 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-37 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-38 StationtoStation_HeidiKuisma_sml-39