To celebrate the fifth year of the Salon de Refuses Portrait Salon curate and host, Miniclick adapted their project, The Heart Grows Fonder, for a event in London (and Tokyo next year). It was/is called I / LAND and you can read more about it on Miniclick’s website.

Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-1 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-2 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-3 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-4 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-5 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-6 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-7 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-8 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-9 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-10 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-11 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-12 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-13 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-14 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-15 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-16 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-17 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-18 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-19 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-20 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-21 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-22 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-23 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-24 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-25 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-26 Miniclick_iland_HKuisma_sml-27


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