Dudendance’s Borderlands at Southbank Centre

Description from Southbank’s website:

“Ghostly figures are glimpsed in and around the concrete spaces of Queen Elizabeth Hall and Hayward Gallery…

“These strange visitations mark the closure of the iconic brutalist buildings ahead of renovation works. On the roof; along the walkways; in the windows: dreamlike, mysterious figures move amid resonant choral chants.

“Dudendance’s Borderlands was first created for the historic abbey ruins of the Scottish Borders, and features shape-shifting costumes inspired by Renaissance paintings.

“This performance draws on recent and ancient history as it responds to the space. Previous pieces have been described by the Herald as ‘profound and poetic’.

“Dudendance have been making performances for thirty years and developing outdoor and indoor site-specific work with young people and communities since 2002. The company are originally from London but this is their first London appearance since 1992, when they re-located to Scotland.”

dudendance_hkuisma_sml-1 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-2 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-3 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-5 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-6 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-7 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-9 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-11 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-14 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-15 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-16 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-17 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-18 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-20 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-23 dudendance_hkuisma_sml-24


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