Homogen + A Common Origin Discussion

Tue 16 June 2015 Circus Street, Brighton

Homogen – an exhibition of work created in collaboration between illustrator Billy Mather and architectural photographer Jim Stephenson.

A Common Origin – a panel discussion featuring artists and designers from different disciplines (Sofia Smith, Simon James, Billy Mather and Ellen De Vries) talking about why we should work together. Hosted by Jim Stephenson. You can read more about the people involved on Miniclick’s website . The common thread was that, yes, we should definitely work together to share ideas, skills and experience, and to push ourselves and each other. And even if it’ll take a while to find the common language, it’ll be worth while.

Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-1 Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-2 Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-3 Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-4 Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-5 Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-6 Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-7 Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-8 Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-9 Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-12 Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-13 Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-15 Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-17 Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-18 Homogen_HeidiKuisma_sml-19


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