Goose Flesh Stock Take

Goose Flesh is a photography zine that showcases the work of artists who are Glasgow born, based, or somehow associated with the city. The zine is edited by Sarah Amy Fishlock.

Stock Take is a new collection of work by contributors to Goose Flesh’s first four volumes. You can buy it from Goose Flesh website. I have an image in the exhibition so I went along to the opening and zine launch on Thursday.

20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-1 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-2 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-3 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-6 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-7 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-8 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-9 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-10 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-11 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-14 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-16 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-17 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-18 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-19 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-20 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-21 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-22 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-23 20150604_GooseFlesh_Hkuisma_sml-24



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