ECA Degree Show 2015

I went to see ECA Degree Show on Friday. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time so I didn’t even attempt to see everything. I looked at photography, sculpture and couple of paintings. Here are some of the things I saw.

(As per usual I got distracted by the building and everything around the artwork I’m supposed to look at.)


20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-9 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-10 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-11 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-12 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-13 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-14 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-15 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-16 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-17 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-18 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-19 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-20 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-21 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-22 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-23 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-24 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-25 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-26 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-27 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-28 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-29 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-30 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-31 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-32 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-33 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-34 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-36 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-37 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-38 20150605_Edinburgh_Hkuisma_sml-39


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