Folkestone Triennial – Past

Triennial_2008_Mark Dion

2008 Mark Dion

Triennial_2008_Nathan Coley_1

2008 Nathan Coley

Triennial_2008_Nathan Coley_2

2008 Nathan Coley

Triennial_2008_Richard Wilson_1

2008 Richard Wilson

Triennial_2008_Richard Wilson_2

2008 Richard Wilson

Triennial_2011_A K Dolven_1

2011 A K Dolven

Triennial_2011_A K Dolven_2

2011 A K Dolven

Triennial_2011_Cornelia Parker

2011 Cornelia Parker

Triennial_2011_Paloma Varga Weisz

2011 Paloma Varga Weisz

Triennial_2011_Ruth Ewan

2011 Ruth Ewan

Triennial_2011_Strange Cargo

2011 Strange Cargo


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