OWS Thanksgiving 2011

In 2011 I spent my birthday in New York City. I had started the day witnessing those massive Macy’s Thanksgiving parade balloons (and they are humongous), I then walked around Central Park and I generally just tried to take the city all in as it was the first day of my holiday.

The most memorable part of that day though was spending a couple of hours in Zuccotti Park amongst the Occupy protestors, the volunteers, the tourists, the police, the media. There were free meals, free books, singing, debating, chess playing, badge selling, smiling, dancing, arguing, filming, picture taking –  the atmosphere was amazing.

It hadn’t been my plan to wonder down that end of Manhattan that day (it’s quite a hike from Central park) but I’m very happy and also proud that I ended up there for those few hours.

There are few videos on YouTube which show some of the characters in these photos. One of them even has me in it – albeit very briefly and I could recognise myself only because of the bright yellow tights.

video | video | video | video


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