Day trip to Rothesay few years back. Photos taken with Lensbaby.



My visit to Kiasma, in photographs.

Often when you go visit a gallery which has several exhibitions you like only one or two and end up quickly walking through some of them. Not this time as each exhibition was excellent. It was also first time long videos have hold my interest all the way through to the end.

I particularly liked Jouko Lehtola’s photos. The film made during his last months (he died of cancer a couple of years ago) was also very moving. He took photos of teenagers, people with tattoos, locations were people had died of drug overdose, weapons used in domestic violence, landscapes. Very talented man, who also seemed to have been very interesting, generous and thoughtful person.

Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s video work, The House, about woman starting to hear voices & figuring how to cope with them was also very powerful. It was a large scale projection showing 3 different viewpoints.  I wish I could watch it again.

Can’t forget that Kiasma itself is a work of art.

Helsinki Windows

Helsinki Windows

When I was in Helsinki, I stayed in a hotel in area called Punavuori (red mountain). What a gorgeous part of the city it was. It was lovely just to walk around taking photos and which ever way you went there was something interesting around the corner. Loved it.

I later realised that I had taken several photos of windows. Here are some of them.

Just check out this adorable dog.


Barber shops should only have images like this on their windows/walls.


Old magazines




Please do not knock on the window





Juuri is a restaurant which sells Finnish tapas.

“Would like to buy ‘smile boy'” It’s a statue you would get in school for being kind and friendly towards others. There’s also one for girls.

“School starts soon. Please look after the small pupils in the traffic”

Colour Ecology 1

Colour Ecology 1

Today, I took part in Colour-Ecology workshop run by Kathy who I had met earlier in July at Making Explorations workshops in Southblock.

“Colour-Ecology is a project initiated by the textile designer, Kathy Beckett and supported by House for an Art Lover’s AiRborne artist-in-residence programme. Colour-Ecology explores the possibilities that plants offer for the production of environmentally friendly pigments and dye use in textile practice. Through a series of four free public-access workshops we are aiming to connect people with nature and learn about sustainable textile design processes – to encourage the nurture and care for our beautiful environment.” [House for an Art Lover]

Focus of this second workshop was producing drawings to be developed into design that could be used in the final collaborative textile piece that will exhibited in November. We also had a look at the gardens, foraged for plants, experimented with dying yarns and fabric and generally seemed to have a great time.

I also ended up going on my bike for the first time in a very long time as it was less of an hassle and faster to cycle to Bellahouston Park rather than getting busses or trains to different directions (the bike in the photos is not mine though).  I usually find cycling in Glasgow really stressful due to lack of safe cycle paths, and I don’t get to use my bike that often. Luckily the road to Bellahouston Park from my house is nice and wide leaving enough space for a bike and a car and I might try to cycle that way more often.  Nothing like re-dicovering your love for cycling just before the weather is going to get horrible and evenings darker!

It was also only my second time visiting House for an Art Lover (and last time was a very long time ago) which is a real shame considering how close it is – not to mention how incredibly pretty the gardens are. Definitely a nice spot to go to with a book and few hours to spare.