Making Explorations Workshops

Making Explorations is a new project which is set up to encourage cross-cultural craft technique and research. The workshops I took part in were Block printing by Meg Held and Colour-Ecology by Kathy Beckett.  I absolutely loved both. It all feels like start of something exciting. I think you might start seeing more textile related posts around here.

Here’s little bit more about Meg and Kathy from the Facebook event page:

“Meg uses the traditional practice of block printing to design and create vibrant hand printed, ethically considered fabrics.The blocks are made from reclaimed wood found both rurally and in the city.The surfaces of some blocks are hand carved and some are left solid creating a variety of textures and marks when printed. The fabrics produced are used to update existing pieces of furniture creating sustainable and unique pieces of design which offer a hand crafted alternative to products found on the high street.”

“Colour-Ecology is an opportunity to explore the possibilities that plants can give us for pigment and dye use in textile practice. By engaging creative practitioners with nature, Colour-Ecology hopes to encourage Ecodesign reminding us that we must take care and nurture the environment that we rely on for our industries and economy. Exploring natural dyes has an ability to engage and connect people with our beautiful, but depleting, environment and can act as a valuable vehicle for discussion.”

Photos below include what I made at the workshops (polka dot tote bag and tie-died scarf) and work by Meg, Kathy and Jeni Allison.


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